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Ticketmaster hacked in what’s believed to be a spree hitting Snowflake customers

Researcher says Snowflake customers hit by mass scraping ... "but nobody noticed."

Ticketmaster hacked in what’s believed to be a spree hitting Snowflake customers
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Cloud storage provider Snowflake said that accounts belonging to multiple customers have been hacked after threat actors obtained credentials through info-stealing malware or by purchasing them on online crime forums.

Ticketmaster parent Live Nation which disclosed Friday that hackers gained access to data it stored through an unnamed third-party provider told TechCrunch the provider was Snowflake. The live-event ticket broker said it identified the hack on May 20, and a week later, a “criminal threat actor offered what it alleged to be Company user data for sale via the dark web.”

Ticketmaster is one of six Snowflake customers to be hit in the hacking campaign, said independent security researcher Kevin Beaumont, citing conversations with people inside the affected companies. Australia’s Signal Directorate said Saturday it knew of “successful compromises of several companies utilizing Snowflake environments.” Researchers with security firm Hudson Rock said in a now-deleted post that Santander, Spain’s biggest bank, was also hacked in the campaign. The researchers cited online text conversations with the threat actor. Last month, Santander disclosed a data breach affecting customers in Chile, Spain, and Uruguay.

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Published: 2024-06-03T22:23:45

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